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We list below contains all rated UK gliding competitions, plus selected international and non-rated events.  Where available, there are links to the event website and, once the competition is underway, the results. The last column links to any event reports that we have received.  We welcome post-event reports and we hope that organisers will welcome this facility to have in-depth reports, which may be too long for the printed magazine, published.  Reports should be submitted to the editor.

Event (link to competition site)CountryDateResults SiteS&G Report
18m Class NationalsUK25/5/24
20m NationalsUK25/5/24
Standard Class NationalsUK15/6/24
15m Class NationalsUK15/6/24
Open Class NationalsUK15/6/24
Bidford RegionalsUK22/6/24
Shenington RegionalsUK6/7/24
13th FAI Standard & Club Class Junior World Championships 2024Poland13/7/24
Dunstable RegionalsUK20/7/24
Hus Bos Challenge CupUK27/7/24
Club, Standard & 15m - European Gliding Championships 2024Czech Republic3/8/24
Club Class NationalsUK3/8/24
38th FAI, Open, 18m & 20m Multi-seat Class World Gliding Championships 2024Texas14/8/24
Junior NationalsUK17/8/24
Wolds Two-Seater CompUK17/8/24
UK Mountain Soaring ChampionshipUK1/9/24

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