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December – January 18

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Find out why the Perkoz is at the top of a Christmas wish list and how impressive heights were reached in the Winter Series at Denbigh. The Dec/Jan issue of S&G also highlights why flying at Rieti should be on your ‘to do’ list. Plus, there’s the annual round-up of results and ratings, and you can find out how to get a helping hand with lookout in the first article in a short series on electronic conspicuity.

Allstar’s Perkoz spent two months on tour during the summer, visiting clubs in England, Wales and Scotland. David Innes put it through its paces at Deeside to see how it compares with the K-21 and Puchacz as a club trainer. Its modern design, wider flight envelope and cross-country capability left David with a re-awakened love of aeros and knowing what this year’s Christmas present should be.

There’s still some great flying to be done over the winter months, as the juniors discovered at Denbigh during the first round of the Winter Series. With almost the whole length of the ridge working at Lleweni Parc on the Saturday, many juniors enjoyed ridge and wave flights. There was also a Winter Series height record set during the weekend, with Olly Metcalfe and Jordan Richards both climbing to 24,000ft.

Jean-Marie Clement spent last winter seeking out wave in Patagonia during what will probably be his last expedition to Argentina and he is now offering the logistics, the know-how, aeronautical and soaring databases, plus a self-lifting container to anyone wishing to continue the exploration of this area. Getting your glider through customs in Argentina is one of the ‘challenges’ faced by Jean-Marie. Taking your glider to Rieti, in Italy, involves a long drive from the UK, but the flying makes the time spent behind the steering wheel well worthwhile. Jon Gatfield had heard the words ‘any serious cross-country pilot has to fly at Rieti at least once in their lifetime’ several times before his first visit. After his fifth trip, he firmly agrees with that statement.

Wherever you fly, good lookout is essential. The eyeball is our main way of avoiding collision in the air, but we can still be taken by surprise. Electronic conspicuity systems can offer a helping hand. In the first article in a short series addressing different conspicuity systems, Keith Vinning reports how PilotAware is working with the Open Glider Network and highlights the help needed to enhance this safety initiative.

Also in this issue: Tony Cronshaw reports how Aim Higher inspired training and support is helping up-and-coming pilots transition to successful soaring and cross-country. Mylynn Bowker explains her love of aerobatics. David Carter explores the theory of lift. Bernard Smyth reports from a Junior Nationals with a record number of pilots. Ebenezer Grimshaw breaks taboos, dispels myths and restores reality for newbies. Sam Franklin reports on a K-8 restoration project. There are four pages of results from BGA-rated UK competitions, plus the announcement of the BGA provisional ratings list. Alison Randle reports from the 2017 BGA Club Management Conference. And there are many more of your stunning images in the Gallery pages.

Fly safely and have fun

Susan Newby
Editor, Sailplane & Gliding
Transitioning: part 2

Tony Cronshaw reports how Aim Higher inspired training and support is helping up-and-coming pilots transition to successful soaring and cross-country

Perkoz on tour

As the Allstar PZL demonstrator arrives at Aboyne, David Innes discovers this year’s Christmas present…

Helping hand with lookout

A report from PilotAware’s Keith Vinning on working with the OGN and the help needed to enhance this safety initiative

Into aeros

Mylynn Bowker explains her love of aerobatics and how it has helped her to improve flying skills and confidence

Exploring the theory of lift

Is it possible for a house-brick ‘wing’ to generate lift? David Carter refers back to his days as an aerospace engineer to investigate the theory of lift

Growth spurt for juniors

A record 55 pilots took part in the recent nationals at Nympsfield, reports Bernard Smyth

What they didn’t tell you – advisory 3: misunderstanding training

Questions pre-solo pilots want to ask… but never dare to! Ebenezer Grimshaw breaks taboos, dispels myths and restores reality for newbies

Unbelievably good flying

Jon Gatfield reveals why you really should fly at Rieti at least once in your lifetime. It’s a long drive from the UK, but worth it

Denbigh delivers

A Winter Series height record was set, thanks to the ridge working well at Lleweni Parc. Report and photos by Clement Allen

Patagonia: the end of a myth?

Jean-Marie Clement reflects on a ‘winter’ expedition and explains why it is likely to be his last one in Argentina

Click here for flight traces and more background information

Renovating a relic

Sam Franklin reports on the progress made on a K-8 restoration project that he has been undertaking with Dan Richards

The racing year

Four pages of BGA-rated UK competition results and the provisional 2017 ratings list

Our lifeblood

The many new faces at the 2017 Club Management Conference indicate that succession planning is working. Alison Randle reports

Also in this issue:

BGA news; Gliding Gallery; Club Gallery; Club Focus – Black Mountains; development news; club news; obituaries; BGA badges; instructor ratings; incident and accident summaries

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