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June – July 2009

Good soaring conditions have led to reports of some excellent flights. If you are looking to get more from your cross-country flights, don’t miss the June/July issue of S&G.

Our experts guide you through from safer winch launching to the final turn. And if you do find yourself landing out with an airfield looking like your best option, make sure you have done your pre-planning. You may not be welcome – or you may even face a hostile reception – at some airfields, explains Peter Moorehead.

Bruce McGhie set off cross-country in a bid to achieve Silver duration, having got bored with just circling in thermals locally. Going for badges had never been a searing ambition for Bruce, but he began to see quests for badges in a different light discovering that when you are working towards a badge you are sharper, more focused, and constantly honing your skills.

Enjoying typical flights of 400km in some of the most dramatic scenery in the world, Phil Sturley waxes lyrical about an RAFGSA visit to Chile’s Club de Planeadores de Santiago, famous for the warm welcome it offers to visitors. In the mountains, all lift types are exploited, from long undulating ridge runs maintaining height to strong (10kt) thermals and occasional local wave.

Moving on to the shape of things to come, the first in a series of articles from Loek Boermans looks at how recent aerodynamic developments at Delft University are applied in high-performance sailplanes, such as the Arcus, Antares and ASH 30.

These sailplanes were among the toys on display at AERO, Europe’s largest trade fair, held this April in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Also attracting attention was Skylaunch’s reconditioned winch, now delivered and in use at Surrey Hills GC.

Also in this issue: BGA Chairman Patrick Naegeli reflects on the importance of getting the right balance between reactive andproactive future thinking. BGA Development Officer Alison Randle provides a veritable smorgasbord of news and information for clubs. BGA Chief Executive Pete Stratten thanks owners and inspectors for their patience and cooperation and predicts that transition to Part M will settle into efficient airworthiness routine by the end of the year. George Moffat is in the spotlight as we introduce the Platypus Interviews. Jochen Ewald takes to the skies in the Nimbus 4DLM, Schempp-Hirth’s optimised two-seater flagship. We’ve a new series for beginners from BGA National Coach Mike Fox, plus the BGA club annual statistics. Andy Perkins gives us a scholarship update and, of course, there are more of your stunning photographs in S&G’s Gliding Gallery.

Fly safely and have fun.

Susan Newby
Editor, Sailplane & Gliding
Strategic advice helps to secure club funding

BGA Development Officer Alison Randle’s round-up of development news includes advice on project planning and funding applications to access some of the millions of pounds made available each year to support clubs like yours


Top of class…great fun too

Jochen Ewald climbs into the cockpit of Schempp-Hirth’s optimised two-seater flagship, the Nimbus 4DLM, and reports on a high-performance glider with light controls, good feedback, high roll rate and improved cockpit comfort


It’s the shape of things to come

Loek Boermans’ research work has been an important factor in the continued improvement of glider performance. In the first of a series based on a Royal Aeronautical Society lecture, Loek talks about recent aerodynamic developments at Delft University and how these developments are applied in high-performance sailplanes


Safer winch launching

There has been a reduction in the winch accident rate during the first three years of the BGA’s safe winch launch initiative. Now, phase two aims to drive accident rates even lower, as Hugh Browning reports


The fun starts here

New to gliding? Then don’t miss this series by BGA National Coach Mike Fox, which will include tips and advice from some of the most experienced pilots in the country

Set for silver

Bored with just circling in thermals locally, Bruce McGhie set himself a challenge to achieve Silver duration in a 23 to 1 trainer


Mountain flying

A group of RAFGSA pilots visited Chile’s Club de Planeadores de Santiago, shortly after this year’s qualifying Grand Prix. Phil Sturley tells of a warm welcome and experiencing flying in some of the most dynamic scenery in the world


Does it bug you?

Flying competitively overseas, Gary Stingemore invested in bug wipers. But can they help improve your performance?


Safe landings

On any cross-country flight the potential for landing out always exists. An airfield may at first seem to be the best option and in many situations it will be. However, as Peter Moorehead explains, there are many airfields where you might not be welcome and you might be refused permission or even face a hostile reception


The final turn

Don Puttock highlights the dangers of a two-stage turn and the importance of the diagonal leg, particularly in field landings


Aero 2009

Europe’s biggest aviation fair, held in Friedrichshafen in April, attracted 46,600 visitors and more exhibitors than in previous years. Susan Newby reports on the sailplane highlights


BGA club annual statistics

Annual statistics from 1 October 2007 to 30 September 208


Winning Ways

Andy Perkins gives an update on flying scholarships funded by The Air League Educational Trust and The Royal Aeronautical Society Centennial Fund


Also in this issue:

BGA news; your letters; news on Graeme Cooper’s return to the skies, 10 years after his glider was destroyed by lightning; The Platypus Interviews – George Moffat; Gliding Gallery; obituaries; club gallery; club focus – Wolds; club news


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